North Central Public Power District’s (NCPPD) line crews have been busy in 2018. NCPPD started the year off with its annual tree trimming and tree removal program. This year, NCPPD worked in the Village of Brunswick. NCPPD would like to thank all the customers that gave tree trimming and removal permission to our line crews. Remember to look up before planting trees. If you have question or concerns planting trees, please call the Operations Department for more information.

The 2018 Work Plan projects are underway. The first project is 4.5 miles of distribution line in the Knoxville area. This area is located 15 miles west and north of Verdigre. The project was recognized with the help of the RVW engineering firm. Replacing these 4.5 miles of line will help with reliability and voltage drop issues. NCPPD strives to keep electricity reliable and at a low cost. There are three other Work Plan projects planned for 2018 in other areas of the District.