On May 16, 2018, two groups of the Creighton Elementary Kindergarten class toured the North Central Public Power District facility along with their teachers LaDonna Hazen and Justine Kibbie. First, they stopped at the office and met the personnel. The students were given a youth size imitation hard hat to wear throughout the tour to show that being safe is North Central’s top priority. They got to keep the hard hat as a souvenir and were also given a goody bag to take home.

Assistant Operations Manager Brent Eggerling and Line Crew Foreman Tim Hoffman demonstrated different tools and equipment that the linemen use. Next, they demonstrated how linemen climb poles and the importance of the tool belt and safety equipment. The visit ended with Mrs. Hazen getting her first ride in a bucket above the class. In the second group, Mrs. Kibbie got to ride in the bucket.