With the retirement of two long time employees Keith Harvey, General Manager and Director of Safety and Staking Engineer, Art Hickman, the District had some position to fill. Brent Eggerling has been promoted from the Assistant Operations Manager position to the Manager of Finance & Administration position, after Doyle Hazen was named General Manager. Brent has been with NCPPD for 13 years. Matt Fritz has been promoted to the Assistant Operations Manager and Safety Director. Matt has been with NCPPD for 17 years. Tim Hoffman has become the new Staking Engineer at NCPPD and will also continue as a lineman while performing the Staking Engineer duties. When Brent, Matt and Tim each started working for the District, they all started as Apprentice Linemen. While working their way up the work force at the District and furthering their education these three have had the opportunity to advance in their careers.