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NCPPD is a public utility organized to provide the service area with advantages of an electric system owned by the people it serves.

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Pole Testing to Begin Along Transmission Lines

S & L Pole Testing Company will be performing transmission line pole tests starting the end of August through the first part of September. They will be testing poles throughout the North Central Public Power District (NCPPD) service area along our 34.5 kV and 69...

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Chemical Spray Exposure can be Dangerous

Spraying crops with pesticides and herbicides is a necessary action to rid crops of unwanted pests and weeds. But for those unaware of proper chemical application, it can be dangerous. Extreme caution should be used when entering or working around the fields after...

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Irrigation Control

For a current control status report during the control season – 24/7 – call North Central PPD’s Irrigation Hot Line at (402) 358-7025.

Message: NO CONTROL HOURS FOR TUESDAY 09/03/2019.#

9/18/2019 9:54:03 PM


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